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Allentown Raccoon Removal is a full-service wildlife control company specializing in the humane trapping and removal of raccoons and other wild animals in Allentown, PA. Whether you have a problem with raccoons in your attic, under your house, tipping over garbage cans, digging up the yard, stealing pet food, pooping in your pool, or any other raccoon mischief we can solve it! The key to our wildlife control lies in our trapping expertise, and ability to employ the correct strategy for your specific wildlife problem. If you have raccoons in your attic for example, the key is in inspection of the attic and house, removal of the nest of baby raccoons, and the preventative work - we seal wild animals out of your house forever. We use humane trapping and relocation methods and we do not use poison! We answer our phone 24/7, and can schedule a same-day or next day appointment. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Humane Raccoon Trapping and Relocation
  • House, Roof, and Attic Inspections
  • Preventative Wildlife Exclusion Repairs
  • Raccoon Droppings Cleanup in Attic
  • Removal of Baby Raccoons in Attic By Hand
  • Poison-free Animal Removal and Prevention
  • Porch, Deck, or Shed Exclusion Barriers
  • Dead Raccoon Removal - Indoors and Out

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Allentown raccoon trapping Allentown's Best Raccoon Control: Whenever you see a raccoon in your home, you'll try to remove it on your own. Your best technique would be to kill it. However, it is just a temporary solution. For the permanent resolution of animals invading your property, you must contact an experienced and professional service. We are a family run business and, for years, we have been serving our esteemed clients. Our efficient staff will locate every single hideout of these raccoons. For this, we use special devices that track animals using sound detection. You can also use our reliable service for the removal of snakes, skunks, or birds. We also have experience in pest control. We will not kill the animals but remove them and relocate them to some natural habitat. Moreover, we give you permanent relief by sealing all holes and entryways of raccoons. Furthermore, our team would clean up any mess or droppings left behind. Sometimes you just put things on hold because you have to take extra time to deal with such stuff. Now you don't have to do it as we are just a call away. We will respond to you right away as we are available 24\7. We are not off duty, even on weekends or during holidays. We understand that such matters need rapid action. Adding up to all, our services are highly cost-effective. You can rely on us to bring comfort to your life by getting rid of creepy wild animals. 

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We are Pennsylvania's top experts in wildlife and raccoon control. We are not a typical Allentown raccoon control or pest control company. We don't treat wild animals like insects, because they are not! You can't just use poison to get rid of them. You also can't just set a few traps on the ground and call it good. Each situation is unique. And remember, if you have raccoons living in your house, it is almost certainly a female with a litter of young inside. These juveniles must be removed by hand, or they will starve to death and die. And after they are gone, the entry holes into the house must be sealed with professional repairs. Unlike most Allentown pest control, we focus on complete and permanent solutions, by following these steps:

  • Inspect the entire house, ground to roof, and the attic
  • Seal shut all entry areas with professional grade steel
  • If in attic, we remove the baby raccoons by hand
  • Technical and human raccoon trapping appropriate to situation
  • When necessary, we clean raccoon droppings and replace insulation

Allentown Raccoon Control Tip: How Likely Is An Attic Raccoon Infestation To Include Baby Raccoons?
A raccoon infestation in the attic is a serious problem for the homeowner, as once present raccoons can cause a significant amount of damage, including soiled insulation and the holes that they create in order to be able to get in and out. They can also pose a health hazard, both through the diseases that they can transmit directly and those that can be caught by those coming into contact with a raccoon's feces and urine. However, there is another consideration that you should always take into account when dealing with the infestation, and that is the possibility of a nest of baby raccoons being present too.

What Time Of Year Is It?
One of the key factors as to whether you may have to deal with baby raccoons will be whether it is the right time of year for babies to be raised by their mother. The natural breeding season for raccoons is in the early spring, so the real season for raccoon babies will begin in late March or April, and can then run through until the fall, when most of the young raccoons will then be leaving the mother to find their own territories. Therefore, if you are dealing with a raccoon infestation in the late fall or winter, then you are more likely to find that there isn't also a nest of baby raccoons that you will have to deal with.

The Hours In Which A Raccoon May Be Active
Another factor that can help to indicate whether you will have to deal with baby raccoons is the time of day when you hear or see signs of the raccoon's activity. Raccoons are naturally nocturnal, and will do the majority of their foraging at night, but while looking after her young, a female raccoon may break this trend and forage at the times the baby raccoons allow her to, meaning you may see signs of a raccoon active during the day. There are of course other factors that can cause a female raccoon to forage for food during the day, but a litter of young is certainly one of the most common causes.

Where To Find A Raccoon Nest In Your Attic
If you are planning to inspect your attic to see if you have a nest of babies present, it is first important to take all of the necessary precautions, and preferably try to do this when the adult raccoon is foraging, as females can become defensive. The raccoon's nest will usually be quite crudely made with shredded pieces of insulation made to surround a small area where the baby raccoons will be, if present. You can sometimes be attracted by the squeaks and vocalizations of the young raccoons, and if discovered you should always deal with the baby raccoons along with the mother, as just dealing with the adult can cause a host of other problems.

Dealing With The Raccoon Infestation
If dealing with a raccoon infestation, the most common and successful approach to resolving this is to use a cage trap to catch the adult raccoon, and then relocate them along with the baby raccoons. Many professionals will choose to locate the trap in the attic, and gently move the baby raccoons into the back of the trap itself, and find that the female will then naturally go to her young. However, you can also trap the female first and then remove the baby raccoons by hand. You should then relocate the family to a rural area at least ten miles away from your home, before carrying out the appropriate repairs and cleaning in your attic.

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